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Gairik Banerjee
Bishop's College, Calcutta

Transform to an Online University

Bishop's College must transform into a primarily Online University.

  • Turn Classroom Lectures into Live-streaming Web-Casts over Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or even just Facebook, and also into Youtube Videos. 
    • This should start with at least one Bishop's College professor, say, Dr. Michael Caleb, using basic recording and web-casting / live-streaming gear (an Android Smartphone and a Facebook account), in one of his existing classes, and one (or a small group) of his current on-campus students, who might be incentivized to stay in their dorm and receive the lecture(s) using their laptop or Android tablet / device. 
    • Please take a look at "Zoom Basics - Using Zoom for Classes and Meetings" -- This looks a great tool to use for Online Classes and meetings. is the product website, with relevant info and download links.   
  • Ways and technologies to render these sessions more interactive, effective, and the video and audio quality very high, must then be explored and instituted. 
  • Later, any given lecture series or classroom series, first archived in-house, can be suitably converted into a Playlist of Youtube or LBRY, or Vimeo / Vevo videos. 
  • These lectures would be available to interested students, and should eventually become the primary means of (faux-classroom) instruction for all students of the college's courses, gradually replacing the physical, on-campus classroom setting almost completely, or completely. 
  • Physical, on-campus classroom time will ultimately be limited only to special offline interactive seminars, etc., mostly at the graduate level, or for direct testing of any student's learning and aptitude. 
  • Ways and technologies to test or examine the students over the internet in an interactive fashion must then be explored, finalized and implemented. 
  • This modality would allow Bishop's College to admit and teach foreign students from other countries, e.g., Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Malaysia, etc.  These students could ultimately become regular fees-paying, international students of Bishop's College, earning their degrees therefrom, while living in foreign countries. 
  • The same would also apply to domestic Indian students from places far away from Calcutta, who would similarly remotely receive instruction and earn their degrees from Bishop's College. 
  • The strategy discussed above will cost very little initially.  But it will allow Bishop's College to
    • Significantly increase its revenue-earning potential in the future.
    • Deploy its current premises much more effectively and profitably, and increase its offerings of courses. 
    • Reach a much larger student population, distributed over a much larger geographic footprint. 
    • Award degrees to foreign students who are unable to come to Calcutta, India on a long-term Student Visa-based stay. 
    • Take the Word of God to people and communities who or which would have been otherwise hard to reach. 
  • A “Director of Online Programs” (?), assisted by a small team of student assistants and faculty-members, will be needed to take ownership of this effort and drive it. 
  • One potential Calcutta-based party with relevant expertise and experience in creating online course content and a professional-grade online education platform has been identified, and their coordinates appear below. 
    • Arjun Onkarnath,, +91 98304 45000 –
    • This party should be contacted for a demo of what they can do for Bishop's College, and to negotiate the cost and terms of any service they might be able to provide. 
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