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Gairik Banerjee
Bishop's College, Calcutta


It is proposed that we launch (on Bishop's College premises) a full-fledged "Conservatory of Christian Choral & Western Classical Music", open to paying non-Theology students.

Much of Western Classical Music (including all of Choral music) developed as an adjunct to Christian Worship, devotion and the Church.  So it stands to reason that an institution focusing on the dissemination and development of Christian Theology -- should also be a beacon for Western Choral & Classical Music. 

India today has no colleges who offer this.  But the public interest in Western Classical Music is not rare at all. 

We think that this can be a great opportunity for Bishop College to distinguish itself and really stand out, and through the culture of the Church's ancient musical tradition, many more can be reached with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Sample courses might include --

  • History and Role of Music in Christian Tradition
  • Western Classical Music
  • Christian Choral Music
  • Opera, Acapella & Western Classical Vocal Music
  • Christian Hymnal Music
  • Piano & Organ
  • Violin & Bowed and Stringed Instruments
  • Flute & Wind Instruments
  • Drums & Percussion Instruments
  • Guitar & (non-bow) Stringed (strummed) Instruments
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