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Gairik Banerjee Gairik Banerjee      Gairik, in a Red Bow-tie, and a Pink Shirt, 2021-09-20.jpg   Gairik, in a Red Bow-tie, and a Pink Shirt, 2021-09-20.jpg
Gairik Banerjee Gairik Banerjee        Gairik Banerjee Gairik, in a Red Bow-tie, and a Pink Shirt, 2021-09-20.jpg
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Hi, I'm Gairik Banerjee.  This is my PERSONAL website.  Use the Navigation Bar Links (at the top and bottom) to get around this site.

На большинстве страниц этого сайта была предоставлена ссылка с надписью 'Русский' для моих слушателей, которые в основном русскоязычны или более удобны в кириллице, чем в римском шрифте. Этот объект использует 'Маикрософыт Транслятор' (Переводчик), который, как я считаю, еще не очень точным, во время реализации. Поэтому, пожалуйста, будьте в курсе. Кроме того, как вы, несомненно, знаете, не все хорошо переводится с языка Шекспира на язык Пушкина! Извиняюсь.


My Christian FAITH is easily the most important part of my life!  A part of this website is directed to my Faith.  This is my attempt at online 'lay ministry', with a small Worship Hub, a few Link Libraries.  Please check it out!


Click Here to learn about (some of) my Interests and Values, the Topics and Subjects that I am passionate about.


On the Professional/Livelihood front, my (primary) career has focused on business.  This is covered under Work on this site.
[In addition, I generally tend to try to remain involved in one or more other activities, charities or other related projects. However, these I prefer to keep completely private, in line with Christian Best Practices, unless I am specifically trying to raise awareness and/or funding therefor. Thanks in advance for understanding.] 

In retrospect -- and I say (pontificate) this out of sheer unabashed nerdiness -- I would have made a good University Professor, had I not gotten off that track much earlier on. 

And there is a part of me that always wants to take me to Seminary and a Christian theological career, ideally as a research scholar/scientist and teacher of Scriptural History, Comparative Religion and/or Scriptural Geography.  But it may be too late, though!



On the Personal front, I'm just an ordinary guy, living out my pedestrian so-called life, of little joys and sorrows, and plentiferous pesky peeves, methinks, the Tao of little things -- with much less Zen than I'd like to muster ...
On a DEEPLY Unimportant and trivial note -- click here for a little more on Nicknames I have/(had).
I am single now, and I live today in Calcutta (Kolkata), India. More on this from the Personal page.
I have globe-trotted rather exhaustively from an early age. I have studied, lived, worked and travelled extensively throughout 6 continents -- ex-Soviet Bloc Eastern Europe (Balkans, Polska & Ukraina), the EU (based mostly in Österreich [Austria] and Nederland, and a little bit in Scandinavia, France and Italy), Latin America (mostly Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brasil), North America of course (technically my homeland), Australia-New Zealand and the Middle East.  (Otherwise, Black Africa and Pacific Rim/Asia are two areas of the world with which I am rather less familiar.)
While I am an American citizen, I am also an EU resident, and a legal "Overseas Citizen of India" (De Facto Dual Citizenship); and have been awarded Honorary Citizenship by other nations.  I am visa-exempt in a number of countries.  My inner Nomad generally feels completely at home wherever I unpack a suitcase or 3 ...
Obviously, I am multilingual in many languages, all of them quite badly. Click here for more on this topic.


In life, there are things that we must Do to Live, and then there are the things we Live to Do.  This being my Personal website, it is mostly aspirational -- about the things I (want to) Live to DO.  The contents lay out accordingly. So, if it interests you, Click on in!


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